Qualification Course for RUŠ Therapists – T3

This five-day course is intended for active RUŠ Method therapists renewing their qualification within a year since their last T2 or T3 Course.

Those who want to become therapists or therapists that were not active for some time should come to a Training Course for RUŠ Therapists – T2

To prolong a qualification, renew a certificate, stay listed on the website of the RUŠ Method and be able to work with clients, a RUŠ Method therapist needs to attend the T3 Course within one year from completing T2. After they have successfully regained the certificate, they will appear on the website again and can continue working as a RUŠ therapist.

The course is focused on the practicalities of therapies. The basics of the RUŠ Method are revised. You will be informed about all novelties. The course is concluded by a certification exam, as you know it from the T2 Course.

For whom the seminar is intended

For the existing therapists of the RUŠ Method, who want to continue providing RUŠ therapies professionally and who want to learn about new techniques and procedures and acquire them. A successful graduate will receive a prolongation of their certificate, with a year-long validity again.

What we are going to learn

  • Practical advice on how to approach difficult clients
  • Sharing with colleagues therapists
  • Advanced techniques
  • Work with a medium
  • During practical work in pairs you will focus on resolving your own problems if you still have some
  • You will receive specialist answers to your questions

Additional activities

  • Practical exercises focused on concentration and perception of the client
  • Warm-up exercise
  • Themed meditations

Participants must attend the course in the given facility and use the reserved accommodation from the beginning until the very end.

Specialist supervision of the seminar

Author of the method Karel Nejedly and his assistants.

What you need for the training

All the working materials and tools are included in the course price.


Five days. We usually start with dinner on Thursday at 6 p.m. and finish after lunch on Tuesday at around 2 p.m.

You may sign up for the course AFTER YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULY GRADUATED from the T2 Course. You need to do it in your RUŠ Office :-). 

The courses are held in Czech language. If you are interested in a course with translation into English, send us an e-mail. As soon as there is a sufficient number of participants, we will inform you about a scheduled course date.

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