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You have not found an answer on the website?
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You have not found an answer on the website?
Do you have a specific question?
We will be happy to answer your questions, indeed.

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Hana, 19. 1. 2020

Hello, every winter my daughter (8 years) suffers from runny nose. It is very strong and long lasting and causes bronchitis and otitis media. I am convinced it's somehow related to me, or to what I'd gone through during pregnancy. But she herself is not ready for the RUŠ Method. Can I influence her health problem by working on myself? It really bothers me a lot. Thank you.

Dear Hana, you are right, it your daughter's runny nose bothers you, then it's up to you to solve it. We can recommend a RUŠ therarapy led by a certified therapist. You can choose from the therapists here: .

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Renata, 17. 1. 2020

Hello, I'd like to ask if I can undergo a RUŠ therapy when I'm pregnant. Could it have any negative effect on the baby? Thank you.

Hello Renata, undergoing a RUŠ therapy during pregnancy is absolutely fine. Make sure you to inform your therapist before the session, each therapist knows a special gentle procedure to follow before working with future mothers. We also recommend to only work with certified therapists, you can find them here:

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Katka, 9. 12. 2019

Hello, I'd like to ask how to cleanse accident from my childhood. The book says I should not accept feelings, but a thought together with an emotion. What if all I remember is just pain or fear, how shall I process such situation? Thank you.

Dear Ms. Katka, thank you for contacting us.You are right, we do not process feelings, neither emotions (e.g. fear), nor physical feelings (e.g. pain) by accepting them. The RUŠ Method is based on a principle that our feelings are always preceded by a though, that is causing the feelings. And it is the thought we process.Follow the guide in the book and go throught the even in your childhood (the accident) in present tense. You need to process/cleanse all the thoughts coming to your mind when remembering the event. In case you encounter any difficulties, we can recommend a therapy with a certified RUŠ therapist. The actual list can be found here: wish you to cleanse your problem successfully, all the best :-).

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Lenka, 4. 11. 2019

Hello, my 3-year-old grandson shows his frustration by harming himself. He hits his head against the wall hard, he suffers from long conniptions and eventually, he turns the rage against himself. He’s suspected to suffer from a mild version of autism, he doesn’t communicate through words much, but the diagnosis has not been officially made yet. As per RUŠ, the daughter could help him by “cleansing“ the fear she experiences during these manifestations? And then also the rest of us involved should do the same? Thank you, Lenka

Dear Lenka, thank you for your question regarding the RUŠ Method. It’s exactly how you put it. The principle of the RUŠ Method that if I am bothered by something, then it’s my problem and only I can solve it. You write the mother is afraid, and yes, it’s important that she (ideally both parents) resolve these unpleasant feelings experienced during these outbreaks. Then also you as a grandmother. That’s the most effective way to help your grandson and yourself. Sometimes, when parents cleanse their unpleasant feelings, the child simply gets better. We recommend a one to one therapy with one of our certified therapists. We wish all the best to your grandson and your whole family. 

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Martina, 26. 9. 2019

Hello, can the RUŠ Method help with bordeline personality disorder?

Hello, yes, even such disorder can be solved by the RUŠ Method. If another person (e.g. partner, family member) is bothered by the fact somebody else is suffering from the disease, it is up to him/her to solve it. We recommend a RUŠ therapy: a nice day, RUŠ team

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Martina, 3. 8. 2018

Hello, from what age is the RUŠ Method recommended and do I have to look for a therapist specialized to children? I’ve been divorced for 3 years; it was a tough period. My daughter is 6, she’s very sensitive. Can the RUŠ Method help her not to have blocks and negative feeling in the future? Thank you.

Dear Martina, children can work using the RUŠ Method since they are able to speak coherently. They usually get rid of the negations quickly. However, your daughter must want it herself (to be aware she has a problem and to want to solve it). You cannot force anyone into a therapy, not even with good intentions. Anyhow, we’d first recommend a RUŠ therapy to you as you are asking and probably care about your daughter’s sensitivity. You can help your daughter the best by cleansing yourself and then, she can decide herself whether to undergo a therapy. 

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Karel, 12. 7. 2017

Hello, I have been thinking about a help using the RUŠ method for some time now. I have got into a stage of burn-out. I can say that I enjoy very few things around me, seeking satisfaction in front of the TV in the evening. I am in divorce proceedings, because my wife has made improvements and has mentally moved further away from me as a result of her own activity and study. In other words, I do not have a very happy period of life now. I actually do not have any life goal. But I want to make some progress and ask whether the RUŠ method is suitable for me, in this period of time? Thank you for your reply.

Dear Karel, yes, if you have made the decision to live a happy life and get rid of these unpleasant feelings, do not hesitate about the RUS Method :-)

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M., 10. 7. 2017

Hello, I would like to ask whether a therapy using this method makes sense for me or whether it can help me somehow. I often think about death. Not that I have done anything to myself, it is rather a panic and anxiety about it. I do not know why these thoughts constantly linger in my head. Thank you

Hello, you can certainly get rid of these unpleasant thoughts, i.e. disturbing feelings and associated emotions, using the RUŠ method. You will understand why you have them in head and transform the cause. You will feel relieved and can live a happy and joyful life.

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Pavlína Říhová, 12. 6. 2017

Hello, I have been considering making an appointment for a therapy using the RUŠ method and want to ask whether it is hyposis? Entrusting myself to somebody I do not know and having no control over myself is something I do not want in any case. Thank you for an early reply.

Hello, in no way is this hypnosis. The client is fully conscious and has their eyes closed to be able to better concentrate on their feelings.

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Hana, 10. 6. 2017

Hello, is it possible to attend the course over Skype or remotely? I live abroad. 

Hello, no, it is not possible. In a course with the RUŠ method, you learn theory and also practise with other people with a personal supervision of lecturers and assistants, which is not possible at a distance. One needs to come to the Czech Republic :-). People from the whole of Europe travel here to attend courses. However, an individual therapy through Skype is possible – if you live really far away (abroad) from your therapist. In such a case, too, we still recommend a personal direct contact, the benefit is bigger.

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Dana, 29. 4. 2017

Hello, I have an issue. I surf your website and also bought the book and read. I have also made a therapy appointment. But I have read that people often tend to leave their partners after therapy. I am afraid of it, because I and my husband have been together for 12 years already and after all those partners (alcoholics) I now have an ideal relationship full of understanding, respect, mutual help, love, and trust. Although my husband has become seriously ill, we share a great number of interests and hobbies, we complement each other perfectly, we understand each other wonderfully, just as always, possibly even more and more. I am happy in this repect and do not want to change it. I do not want to change it. For this reason, I am afraid of the therapy, although I have topics to resolve. Parents… long-standing financial problems... That is what I want to resolve. Is it possible to resolve only this?

Dear Dana, when you go to a therapy, tell your therapist about your fear. You will resolve this fear as a priority and it will not cause you any worries anymore. During a therapy, you resolve only the negative that burdens you. If you have an ideal and harmonious relationship with your husband and want to stay in it, there is no reason for leaving it. All the decisions about your life are made solely by you. In a therapy, you will resolve only those problems you want to resolve and which burden you.

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Hana, 16. 3. 2017

Is it possible to lose weight using the RUŠ method?

Hello, yes, problems with excess weight can be solved using the RUŠ method. Its principle lies in the fact that what disturbs me is my problem. After resolving the cause of the problem you will feel great in your body, you will love yourself as you are and you will be happy! The body itself will adjust into a shape which is ideal for you. Everything will go smoothly, naturally and without forcing.

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Martina, 2. 3. 2017

Hello, I have a 13-year-old son, who started to stutter after divorce at the age of seven. Could this be healed using this method? Thank you for your reply, Martina

Yes, the RUŠ Method could resolve stuttering of your son. The point is whether it disturbs him and he wants to attend a therapy or he does not mind. In such a case we recommend you that you primarily resolve this topic as a parent. The RUŠ method is based on the principle “what disturbs me, is my problem”. If you resolve stuttering of your son, either it will not disturb you or the stuttering may improve or disappear entirely.

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Pavla, 28. 2. 2017

Hello, I wanted to ask whether I can say the negative convictions only to myself and do not have to say them out loud or whether it is more effective to say them out loud. Thank you for your answer. Pavla

Dear Pavla, repeat them out loud. We all work this way. You can see and hear the difference. When you are a professional and possibly a therapist :-) and have experience, you can also say it to yourself. But it needs practice.

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Dana, 18. 2. 2017

Hello, I would like to ask whether spouses may participate in a course together. Do you believe it to be appropriate or not? In your experience, do you recommend it? Thank you

Dear Dana, thank you for your interest in the RUŠ method and your question. It is to your profit if you and your husband decide to go to a course together. You will see the difference immediately. Married spouses commonly go to courses together and are happy about it :-)

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Lenka, 13. 1. 2017

Hello, I have not found any question or answer regarding people believing in God here. In fact, I am a non-believer, but I would like to know it, because I have quite some people of this kind around me. How do they see it, how do they perceive it? After all, they confess and they should get rid of everything there, they should not have any bad thoughts, they forgive, love their neighbours etc… Has any believer participated in your course? I still do not understand how this method works, therefore the question. Thank you for your reply, Lenka

Dear Lenka, during work with the RUŠ method a personal faith of everyone of us is respected. After transforming a relationship with parents, persons in our childhood and ourselves, a relationship with an entity everyone believes in is transformed. Everyone looks into their own topis (God, Space, Jesus...). The goal is to have a beautiful relationship with everything and everyone. We use the RUS Method to consciously eliminate everything hindering us from it. Nobody and nothing hinders people practising the RUŠ method from going to a confession, church or anywhere else. If a believer truly gets rid of unpleasant thoughts during confession, that is excellent, indeed. Course participants are both believers and non-believers. More information on how the method works can be found here:

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Dan, 10. 11. 2016

Hello, I would like to resolve my problem, but I am a bit doubtful... The problem is apparently rather complicated – in general, speaking in public or contact with strangers, turning red during a presentation and in situations in which attention is attracted to me (not only with a group of “strange” people, but an eye contact with a person known to me suffices, during a conversation with a rather “sensitive topic” such as sex etc...). Everything I have described is normal and I know “there is nothing to fret about”... I can see that others do not have any problems with these situations. Regrettably, I do not know how to resolve it myself. And finally, my doubts – I feel turning red to be my biggest problem. If I try the method, the result will be that it disappears or will I just stop perceiving it/fretting about it, but others will keep reminding me of it (red as fire, red as a beet etc...)? Thank you.

Yes, the RUŠ method can resolve any problem or health problem, including yours. It enables to transform problems, resolving their cause once for all, and they will not burden you any more. The result depends on your intention, your therapy goal. A therapist can help you with it or you will learn to work with intention in a course or with the book – depending on what you choose. The result is always that a person ceases to have unpleasant feelings in similar situations.

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Emílie, 16. 10. 2016

Hello, I would like to know whether after resolving my issues with this method I will never have unpleasant feelings again or just for a while and I will resolve them in a moment? Thank you, Emilie

Hello Emilie, you will no longer have negative feelings for what you have transformed/resolved once. When you transform/resolve a relationship or situation with your mother, upon your next thought of your mother or that situation with her your feelings will not be negative for good. Memories will remain, but when remembering them your feelings will be neutral or positive. Later something else that you have not transformed may be restimulated. Then, again, this needs to be transformed/resolved, and the unpleasant feelings will disappear.

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Kateřina, 20. 9. 2016

Hello, I want to ask how the RUŠ method works in practice. It resolves our emotions and feelings concerning a problem (conviction), which then disappears from our life or we continue to have the problem in your life and it does not disturb us any more? Thank you and have a beautiful day.

Dear Katerina, the RUŠ Method resolves/eliminates causes of problems which most often arise in a relationship with parents in childhood. What remains is a memory of that particular problem (conviction), but we no longer have unpleasant feelings about it. In most cases, the problem disappears (i.e. health problems, relationship problems...), in some cases the specific problem prevails, but we no longer perceive it as a problem (e.g. if we do not have a limb, it will not grow again, but we are happy anyway).

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Jana, 20. 9. 2016

Hello, I would like to ask whether the method is equally successful through Skype? Or is it better in person? Thank you.

Hello, we prefer a personal contact. Therapy through Skype is provided only in exceptional cases, e.g. when the client cannot move, has a disability, stays in a hospital or lives far away abroad permanently. If you can visit a therapist, do it this way.

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Jana, 27. 5. 2016

You can practice the RUŠ method during pregnancy, too. In such a case we use a special working method. If you are about to attend a therapy or course, make the therapist/lecturer aware of your pregnancy. If you are about to work alone with the book, we recommend that you first make an appointment with a therapist, who will show you the procedure, and then you can also work alone.

RUŠ is a simple method. It can help with any problem. However, the basic principle is that “everything that disturbs me is my problem” – it is up to me to transform (resolve) what disturbs me. Inside of me. You are the one who writes us, who is worried about all those things (i.e. feels sorry, sad or has troubles with their son). Thus, it is you who should start with yourself and resolve your problems. The RUŠ therapy can really help you. When you are happy and content, you will influence those around you, too. Having a happy mother is the best you can do for your son and how to help him. From our experience, when a mother (preferably both parents) resolves her issues, problems, especially in very young children, disappear spontaneously without any therapy for them. Should the problems of your son prevail, you can make an appointment for him, too. Again, he needs to be aware of his problem/s, wanting to resolve it HIMSELF. Forcing anyone into a therapy and happy life does not work, even though they are only twelve.

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Marie Augustinová, 24. 5. 2016

Hello, may I practice the RUŠ method also during pregnancy? Can my emotions and my work on them be distorted? Could it have any impact on the fetus? Thank you.

You can practice the RUŠ method during pregnancy, too. In such a case we use a special working method. If you are about to attend a therapy or course, make the therapist/lecturer aware of your pregnancy. If you are about to work alone with the book, we recommend that you first make an appointment with a therapist, who will show you the procedure, and then you can also work alone.

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Jana, 30. 4. 2016

Hello, my intimate relationships fail repeatedly, although I always try to give them everything and then put a maximum effort into rescuing them. I start to feel that the more I try the more I fail. Can the RUŠ method help me resolve a problem I probably have inside of me? Thank you.

Dear Jana, the RUŠ method can resolve any problem. It depends on the client whether they are decided to resolve it 100%. If you decide for the RUŠ method, choose a therapist on this website. Another option is to sign up for a RUŠ method course, in which you will learn to use it in practice.

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Martina, 16. 3. 2016

Is it necessary to have a specific problem I want to resolve defined already before arriving in a therapy or is the therapy also suitable for a person who simply wants to be happy and does not know what “to do about themselves”?

You do not have to prepare for a therapy in any way. If you are about to attend it, obviously you have a problem, and you want to resolve something. If you find it difficult to describe a problem, you will be assisted and guided by a therapist.

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Petr, 12. 1. 2016

Hello, I want to ask whether you tried to use the RUŠ method to treat nicotine or alcohol dependencies and what results you had. Thank you :-)

Hello, we are happy about your interest in the RUŠ method. It works for every problem, e.g. dependencies. We know about course participants as well as therapy clients who have successfully resolved a similar problem. The success/result of therapy depends to a major extent on the intention of a client – their decision to put an end to the problem.

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Katarina Blahová, 22. 11. 2015

You say that the RUŠ method is suitable for everyone, but the RUŠ 1 Course is not suitable for mentally unstable people. What is meant by this and why?

Hello, we are happy about your interest in the RUŠ method. A course usually has 32 participants, supervised by two lecturers and four assistants. If somebody is rather unstable, i.e. responds inadequately or uses psychopharmaceuticals, they cannot be given sufficient attention and care, which also limits the work of other course participants. In such a case we first recommend an individual therapy with an experienced lecturer who can evaluate after the therapy whether the client is capable to participate in a course or they will recommend an additional therapy to resolve problems hindering them from it. Their list can be sent upon request.

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Martina, 26. 10. 2015

Hello, I would like to ask – after a very good personal experience with the method :-) I would like to see my children resolve everything nicely. From what age is it suitable to go to a therapy? Thank you.

Hello, Martina, thank you for your question and interest in the RUŠ method. Children can be worked with from a point when they can communicate, i.e. listen and reply, and based on a condition that a child has a problem and wants to solve it. Do not push your children into therapy in no way. In case of younger as well as older children, a parent often resolves a problem, i.e. everything that is disturbing for the parent vis-à-vis the child, and the child feels all right. :-)

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Jana, 25. 9. 2015

Hello, I would like to ask. I attended one RUŠ therapy and bought the book. When working on a problem following the instructions, can I harm myself somehow, not knowing the method and working on it wrongly? Thank you for your reply Jana

Hello, Jana, thank you for your question and your interest in the RUŠ method. If you follow the instructions in the book closely, you cannot harm yourself. Do not start with problems, but with relationships along the time axis – first with your parents, specifically with a parent for whom you have worse feelings. Do read the whole book first and then work. It is impossible that you would transform the individual negative conviction wrongly. The point is to repeat as long as something in you changes. It is plain and simple. If your worries “I do not know it” and “I do it wrongly” are so strong that you do not dare work on yourself alone, go to a RUŠ therapist (to be found on www.metodarus.en) who will help you resolve them, and then you can work alone. After all, this is written in the book, too :-)

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Katka, 31. 8. 2015

Hello, I have one question, if I may. How can the RUŠ method be used if I feel cut off from my own feelings? Is there an option how to resolve such a problem, too? I have an experience with a RUŠ therapist, but we tended to go around in circles and were unable to precisely describe the problem. Over the entire session, we removed one major blockage (a major deterioration was followed by an unimaginable, strong improvement, also in my life), whose effect can be measured in gold. For this reason, too, I feel that it is possible, but from where to start, how to take off?

Hello, Katka, yes, it is possible, sure :-). One needs to have a good intention for the therapy to run smoothly for you and then choose a really experienced therapist (listed on this website and in your case I recommend a RUŠ assistant) and tell them everything running through your head, including that you feel that you are not doing well and you cannot describe it. You will not resolve what you do not say, and here´s the rub, possibly, – the negative conviction “I must describe it precisely”. This would be up to a therapist with whom you worked to evaluate. They know how you responded and what you worked on. I wish you every success with resolving your problems, their fast elimination and a happy life.

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Martina, 21. 8. 2015

Hello, I would like to ask whether this method can be used to resolve a rather very deep blockage from childhood – hatred to oneself, self-harm, and issues with an excessive self-control – if these problems are related to abuse in childhood. How many sessions and how often are needed on average? I would love to start living normally, but having deep issues, one is usually not successful, including money, and so I would hardly put together money for one session. I know one does it for oneself, but as a student without a family I really do not have much money and I would not like to end up not having resolved my issues, because I ran out of money. Thank you very much for your reply.

Hello, Martina, thank you for your question and interest in the RUŠ Method. Yes, this method can be used to resolve childhood trauma as well as abuse and self-harm. The result of the therapy depends on whether the client has firmly decided to resolve their issues and does what the therapist tells them to do. Every client has a different number of negative convictions, and so someone needs one therapy, while someone else needs more… 

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Petra, 3. 7. 2015

My husband is unhappy with me. According to him, I give him little love. He is becoming withdrawn. It scared me a lot and at the same time I feel that there is obviously some error in me, which blocks something. I want my husband to be happy, but do not know how.

Hello Petra, your problem can be resolved using the RUŠ method. If you are scared, it is up to you to resolve it inside of you. It is purely up to your husband, whether he is happy. However, you can resolve everything in you that disturbs you about it.

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Václav Procházka, 28. 6. 2015

Hello, the answers listed here imply that there possibly is not a problem which the RUŠ method would be unable to help with. I would like to know how it works for people who have used antidepressants for a long time and are in fact psychiatric patients. I have heard that medication tends to be an obstacle. It is actually claimed that it is not possible to work with people using medication quite well. Can the investment in this method be considered an investment involving loss in this case? Thank you, have a nice day.

Hello, Vaclav, thank you for your question. We use the RUŠ method also for “psychiatric patients”. Their problems – like all other problems – have a cause, which can be identified and removed. Some who have used antidepressants in the long-term respond and find their way across their feelings normally, some have more difficulties, and sometimes they find it rather difficult. We have successfully worked with such clients, too. It depends on each and every individual. On the one hand, it depends on how many negative convictions one has, and on the other, how genuine their decision to resolve their problems and to live a happy life is. A person using medication is, however, not allowed to attend a course. If they belong to that particular group which finds it more difficult to work on themselves, they would take up a lot of time of lecturers and assistants and would limit and keep the whole group. Individual therapies are all right – the therapist has space solely for the client.

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Iva, 21. 4. 2015

Hello. I have a long-standing problem with lust for life. I do not want to exist, I do not feel like doing anything, not even work or spend time with people or get up from the bed, and I simply do not want to do anything at all, as if I did not have the power. I look at people around me how they work and feel happy about it, how they do sports and feel well. I just look at them and do not understand why they do it, what gives them the power and guides them day by day. Can the RUŠ method help me?

Hello, Ivana, yes, the RUŠ method can help you, too. The only thing you need is your decision to resolve your problems and live a happy life. This includes making an appointment for a therapy and come, indeed :-).

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Dagmar, 27. 2. 2015

After having attended one 4-hour therapy with a RUŠ method therapist, I feel that I have not managed to resolve anything. Even though I would love to, I was unable to describe, recall and describe my feelings from my childhood. I only know what disturbs me today and what disturbed me about the therapist – I am unable to describe intimate things to someone. After the therapy I am much more confused. and what I had been saying is constantly running through my head. Is it just my problem or does it also depend on the personality of the therapist? Would not it be more effective to attend a course? Thank you for your reply.

Hello, a successful therapy is based on the decision of the client to resolve their problem. Meaning that they themselves must do something for it – in this case this means that you need to list and say everything you want to transform. If you fail to say it to the therapist, it will remain inside of you and you will continue living it. No one can do this for you :-). In a course, you transform your convictions and learn to use the method yourself. Work is organized in pairs, and, again, you have to list your convictions out loud. If you have a problem to say them and are decided to resolve this, inform the therapist in a next individual therapy in advance, so that you can transform this issue as well.

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Jitka Svobodová, 25. 2. 2015

Hello, my two daughters have type 1 diabetes (one since she was 10 years, she is now 28 years old and the other since she was  8 years, now 25 years old, both using insulin since then). Can it be “healed” by the RUŠ method? Thank you very much for your reply.

Hello, the RUŠ method can be used to eliminate these consequences, such as diabetes, as well. Causes are identified and transformed in childhood, and the consequences disappear, too; unpleasant feelings and physical symptoms at present – assumed that your daughters themselves decide to resolve their problem (if they perceive diabetes as a problem – it disturbs them). You personally can use the RUŠ method to resolve the fact that it disturbs you that your daughters are ill.

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Veronika, 2. 2. 2015

Hello, I want to ask whether it is possible to learn to use the RUŠ method for myself using the published book on the RUŠ method only or whether it is always necessary to visit a therapist. Therapy itself is very costly for me as a student, so I consider buying a book.

Hello, the book is written in a manner which enables it to be used by everyone. At the same time, each of us is unique and needs something else. I recommend that you first work using the book, and if you need help, guidance or have any acute problems, make an appointment with a therapist.

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Mira, 11. 1. 2015

Hello. I have bought the book on the RUŠ method and would like to start transforming my negative convictions. First I would like to know whether negative convictions need to be said out loud or just to myself during therapy. Thank you for your reply in advance.

When transforming negative convictions, one needs to imagine the particular person with whom one resolves their relationship and repeat the negative convictions out loud. This enables you to better perceive what you are repeating and to better observe your feelings (emotions and physical feelings) better.

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Kateřina, 11. 1. 2015

Hello, I would like to ask whether the RUŠ method can also be used to resolve a problem with alcohol. Thank you for your answer in advance.

Hello, the RUŠ method can be used to resolve a problem with alcohol. It is a simple method, enabling to transform negative convictions, which cause problems in all areas of our life. All unpleasant emotions, which make your life unpleasant, are transformed. The guiding principle of work is that “everything that disturbs me, is my problem”, meaning that I need to transform (resolve) everything that disturbs me. We wish you every success.

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Dana, 28. 6. 2014

Hello, I would like to know whom to contact in England if I want to study the RUŠ method in English and be a therapist. Thank you for your reply.

Hello, nobody. For the time being, the RUŠ method can only be studied in the Czech Republic. It is trained by its author Karel Nejedly and his lecturers. If you are interested in a course in English/with translation into English, send us an e-mail. We will include you in our database. When a course in English is fully booked, we will announce a date and let you know. If you really want to become a therapist, you need to come to the Czech Republic :-).

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Michal, 14. 2. 2014

Hello, I have a question – can the RUŠ method be used to solve medical issues such as persistent ringing in my ears, which substantially affects quality of life? From a medical point of view, it is insoluble. Thank you for your reply. If a solution to the problem is possible, shall I contact your therapist or attend a course?

Hello, Michal, yes, such problems can be eliminated. Choosing between a therapy and course depends on what you want. An individual therapy will help you resolve your problem and increase the overall quality of your life. In a course (gradually during 3 basic courses) you will learn to distinguish your emotions, why and how you work and use the method for yourself, should any other problem occur in your life.

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zlata hamtakova, 21. 11. 2013

Hello Karlik and Evicka, I would like to know your reply to a question what happens when one resolves the highest number of negative convictions possible? I believe that I will be living the ideally happy life like the two of you, having an ideal partner, a home, relationships... I am asking, because a friend of mine thinks that when a person has already resolved everything, they actually do not need to be here anymore. But I believe that when a person has resolved everything, they can help and teach others. Thank you for your answer in advance. Zlata

Hello Zlatka, yes, your consideration is correct. When a person resolves their problems, they live a happy life like a joyful little child. When a problem comes, they live out the problem fully in that particular moment and then play again. They are active, discover, examine, and learn.... :-) If your friend is worried about it, she can resolve it, so that, as a result of these worries, she is not constantly urged to repeatedly look for and find some problems/negative convictions/worries and resolve them instead of living happily and enjoying all that life offers.

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Eva, 30. 9. 2013

Does a therapy using the RUŠ method constitute medical care? May I then discontinue the drugs I use as prescribed to me by my physician?

No, the RUŠ method NEITHER REPRESENTS any medical or healthcare service NOR REPLACES it. Most of us are not trained physicians or psychiatrists or psychologists, most of us do not have such an education (although there are some among graduates of our courses). We do not prescribe drugs. The RUS Method is not an official psychotherapy. We call our “customers” clients (like in a bank), but not patients like physicians do. A therapist practising the RUS Method is a guide/helper/counsellor/consultant of a person who identifies and then transforms negative convictions they have collected over their lifetime ON THEIR OWN. As the client changes their outlook on life, their customs and habits, removing inner mental barriers, their health condition usually changes for the better, too. However, the dosage of drugs must always be consulted with your attending physician. Also, we do not issue any confirmations for employers, only a payment confirmation for a consultation/personal development counselling.

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Honza, 4. 6. 2013

Is it difficult to learn the RUŠ Method?

One friend (originally a client) of mine said: “The method is brilliantly simple, which, at the same time, makes it complicated for some.” You have no idea how eager I am to convey it to you in the simplest possible way. A three year old Krystof was afraid of a dragon at a kindergarten. He got rid of the fear with my guidance in several seconds. After almost two years his mother told me that her son had been commonly using this way of resolving issues since then; but in fact, neither I nor she nor anyone else explained him anything. He applied it with me on a single occasion. Compared to a three-year old, it sometimes takes up to two hours to explain it to adults and it still sometimes happens that they do not quite understand it, just because they are used to having a complex reasoning. That is why we offer RUS Method Basic Courses –, where we explain everything in detail for everyone to understand.

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Milan, 4. 6. 2013

I find your method very interesting. I would like to ask whether it is based on concepts of other psychologists, too :-)? Has the author, Karel Nejedly, studied psychology?

Karel Nejedly has not studied psychology; he has “merely” helped people, using “alternative procedures”, for a number of years. The RUŠ method is based on his personal experience with clients. His practical work brought him to conclusions which are close to procedures, touching the very substance of life, i.e. that everyone is responsible for their own life, what disturbs me, is my problem that I shall resolve inside of me, not outside, and that everything starts in relationships with the near ones, particularly parents in childhood, with emotions and physical feelings occurring after thoughts. The principle of transforming individual negative convictions is unique. The systematic approach to identify them and the possibility to practice the method alone without the help of a therapist makes it very accessible to public at large.

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Pavlína, 4. 6. 2013

When and how was the RUŠ method created?

For a number of years I have worked with people using various techniques and I have realized certain principles, which guide the lives of all of us and which fundamentally helped me create and develop the RUŠ method. The tipping point for its creation was a lecture at an ashram in south India, where I stayed among others in early spring 2005. I had a problem there, which the Dasaji (monks, teachers) could not help me with. I pondered how to tackle it. A principle crossed my mind; I used it for myself right away, and realized it worked. It came to me as a great surprise. I got rid of issues that burdened me in such a fast, easy and straightforward way! After my arrival home, I used this principle for my clients and seminar participants. Step by step, I created a method, and later on I called it the RUŠ method. During the following practical work, I simplified it even more and made it more transparent. Based on additional experience, a compact and comprehensive system, enabling to solve problems in all areas of life (relationships, health, finance, and personal development), gradually emerged.

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Oldřich, 4. 6. 2013

What is the way we all work?

Specialists believe our subconscious to exert a great influence on us. I agree with it. Furthermore, they say we do not know what we have there. My experience with myself and around 11,000 clients is different: negative convictions we have in our subconscious occur to us, continuously “cross our mind” and we actually live them on the physical level. If we “pull” these negative convictions out of our subconscious and then transform them in way that they do not have the slightest influence on us (we rid them of all unpleasant emotions), then we cease to experience them.

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Ilona, 4. 6. 2013

Can excess weight be resolved using your method as well? Despite all attempts I have never managed to lose weight. I cannot imagine giving up sweets and other goodies. How long would a therapy last in my case? And what structure does the therapy have?

The RUŠ method can be used to solve and resolve excess weight as well. Like all other problems in life, it, too, has its logical causes in the past, which can be found and eliminated. I cannot say how long the therapy will take. This depends both on your intention, your decision that you want to resolve it, and the number of your specific negative convictions. Mostly, one or two therapies suffice to resolve one particular problem. You can read more on the therapy structure here Also consider the option to participate in a course, where you will learn to use the method correctly and may help yourself with many other issues in future as well.

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Karla, 4. 6. 2013

Can the RUŠ method help everyone?

Yes. The conditions to resolve problems using the RUŠ method are as follows: – that person has made a decision that they want to resolve their problems or that they want to be happy; – during a therapy they do what they are told to by a therapist; – they are open and say all the negative convictions that come across their mind during the session.

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Lýdie, 4. 6. 2013

How can I tell that a problem has been resolved?

The check is clear and logical: if you experience happiness in all areas of your life – there is nothing more to be resolved :-), the problem is resolved. If you have resolved a situation or relationship (in any manner), when remembering this situation or a person, animal, you, you feel cool, you are “over it”. But if you have unpleasant feelings, there is still some (one or several) negative thought – and it is yours. It can be fully resolved regardless of how much or how long it has troubled you.

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Josef, 4. 6. 2013

What is the aim of the RUŠ method?

It results in living a happy, fulfilled life, freedom, and deep inner peace, state without any thoughts, joy, easiness and enjoyment of every moment to the full. Principally, it results in harmonious relationships – with those around me, with me, and with space. Life is successful without any effort. An attended therapy results in a higher stress resistance and a happier life (in all areas), removing negative convictions, which cause us unpleasant feelings. It results in awareness and responsibility for one´s own life. Furthermore, it teaches one to understand one´s own feelings, to be aware of them, and to understand one and others. The RUS Method aims at a deeper understanding of the context, creation and enhancement of inner space – peaceful, clean, and deep.

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Petr P., 4. 6. 2013

What is better – an individual therapy or a course?

It depends on what result you expect. During a therapy you will resolve a problem, which brings you down. During three five-day basic courses participants successively resolve all the areas of their lives and experience a major turn. They gain a different perspective, are open, think positively without any effort, and enjoy the present moment. They can easily deal with any worries to come using the RUS Method. In the following therapy courses, participants learn how to be a good therapist of the RUS Method. Thus, they acquire a new profession.

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Jolana, 4. 6. 2013

How many sessions are necessary or rather advisable to eliminate several sources of stress and problems?

It varies, depending on how many negative convictions and what intention one has to resolve them. Someone having a thousand negative convictions will obviously resolve them sooner than someone who has “created” ten times more over their lifetime. However, to resolve basic problems most clients need one or two sessions (one session may take up to 4 hours). Sometimes, a more complex client may need to come several times. Some perceptive and smart people grasp the method, being able to help themselves even after one session if troubles occur, while others do not know after a session what has been done and how :-). The very best we warmly recommend is to attend our courses, where you will resolve much more than in one therapy, be it with the best therapist. And on top of that, you will learn to use the method correctly.

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Karel, 4. 6. 2013

Why was the RUŠ method created?

Since I was a child, I have looked for an effective and easy way to help people around me; everyone had some problems, including me, and no one knew how to get rid of them. My desire was to help me and them, as well.

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