Kristyna Brabcova

Kristyna Brabcova

Map Business address
, Basel
Map Other places of contact
Nad Višňovkou 21, Praha 6
Map Other places of contact
U Rybníka 365, Křemže
Telephone E-mail
+32 0032475353971
Languages in which therapy is offered
English, Czech, French, Dutch language, German, Spanish

Why do I use the RUŠ Method? (why has it become the method of my choice)

For me the RUŠ Method is a reliable tool, which allows me to quickly deal with any problems I may encounter. It also allows me to resolve past negative experiences and rid myself of bad feelings. Since I have been using this method, I am a free and healthy person. I have simply started to enjoy my life.

‘What benefits has the RUŠ Method brought me personally

I came across the RUŠ Method, once I had decided that things must change. I was briefly back at work after six months of sick leave and was starting to go under again. It had been a year since the terrorist attack at my work place at Brussles airport. Although at the time, I was still suffering from PTSS (post- traumatic stress syndrome), I simply refused to become a patient again. I knew that this wasn’t my path. I wanted to live my life and be free of psychosomatic symptoms. I also wanted to be rid of the constant medical check-ups and insurance disputes. When I inscribed myself, I felt I had nothing to lose and all to gain. At first, I followed the course with little heart and during the first evening I even nearly quit. It felt like nobody could ever understand the sorrow I was carrying around and my body was shutting down under the pressure, but I decided to go through with it. As a result, I no longer need my thyroid medication and after couple of months I started to feel happy, safe and confident again. Surprisingly, even my relationship with my family began to change for the better. I had given up hope for that long ago, thinking that things were just the way they were and that not everyone is lucky enough to have a nice relationship with their parents. Today I know that any problem I may encounter can be solved.

Other information

The length of a therapy session is variable and can last up to 4h. It is possible to work via camera call (Skype, Messenger), though I recommend a personal session, especially if it is your first time. When you are about to schedule a therapy session, it is very important to give yourself some time before and after the session.

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