The RUŠ Method

Fastcauses of problems are easy to find
and resolved efficiently

Effectiveit has an in-depth and permanent effect

Gentleit is the client who decides if and how much will be resolved

The RUŠ Method is a technique of a conscious and logical work with human thoughts and emotions. Using this method, you will get rid of a number of your difficulties during a relatively short period of time, and what is more, with a permanent effect. It is a modern, simple, practical, logical and pragmatic method for contemporary people today. The RUŠ Method will resolve any problems, psychological (emotional), physical (bodily), mental (intellectual).

Your references and experience with the RUŠ Method

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Renata Z.


Denisa Vaňková

Physiotherapist and dancer

Honza Haša

Project Engineer

Jana Šandová

Language lecturer

Jan Pšenčík

RUŠ Therapist

Míra Kaas

Self-employed, advertising agency

Dora Procházková

RUŠ therapist

Jiří Plzák

Welding robot operator

Slávek Štrunc

RUŠ therapist and assistant

Zuzana Nýdlová

Rreal estate agent

Ondřej Svatoš


Milan Moško

Pensioner, originally power engineering specialist

Daniel Novák

IT director

Radka Jírů

Product manager

Jánko Megis

power lines designer


humanitarian worker

Pavlína Hrušková

The RUŠ method therapist, Paediatric nurse, Game therapist

Iveta Friedmannová


Zuzana Nýdlová

Real estate agent

Michal Novák

Music producer, entrepreneur

Ing. Dagmar Papřoková

Sales manager for export in the foundry

Pavla Krejčiříková

administrative worker

Eva Ridzonová

Playworker in after-school childcare (UK)

Ing. Miroslav Šmejkal

chief executive officer

The RUŠ Method in numbers

The first RUŠ Method Course took place in 2007 and since then, 291 different courses were held. 
Over 3.200 participants took part in the courses.
The RUŠ Method has 113 active therapists right now.
More than 85 000 people were on the RUŠ Method therapy.
The book RUŠ Method or It's not my case was published in 2014 and over 16 000 copies have been sold till now.  

Basic RUŠ Courses

During the three five-day basic courses the participants gradually resolve all areas of their life. In doing so, they see substantial changes in their life. They gain a wider perspective, they are open-minded and positive without any effort, enjoying the present moment. Their relationships change into harmonic, balanced, and ideal.

Fast and effective
change of reality

It is up to you to change your life, no one else will do it for you.

Fast and effective
change of reality

We are the authors of our life, our destiny.

Karel Nejedlý

Author of the RUŠ Method

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