Dagmar Papřoková

Dagmar Papřoková

Map Business address
Baška 560, Frýdek Místek
Telephone E-mail
+420 604221449 dagmar@dagmarpaprokova.eu
Website Price per therapy
www.dagmarpaprokova.eu 4000,- Kč, víkendy + 500,- Kč, English 5000,- Kč, nově WhatsApp
Offers therapy in these languages
English, Czech, German, Russian

Why do I use the RUŠ Method? (why has it become the method of my choice)

I am a woman who has always wanted to be happy. Many times it was not easy but the life which I am living now - satisfied, calm and balanced, and at the same time, at the age of 55 I do not have any health problem, on the contrary, I am feeling excellent, this is the sign of the fact that all what I have experienced and what I have done for myself using the RUŠ Method, was worth doing.

‘What benefits has the RUŠ Method brought me personally

Thanks to RUŠ Method I know that if I ever were not managing the way I wish, if I had any problem - both health and psychological or in relationships or any other problem, I would be able to help myself.

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