Golden quotes (not only) of the RUŠ Method

  • I am fully responsible for what I say, and I take no responsibility whatsoever for what you hear.
  • We are here to live a happy life. Nature created us this way and gave us everything we need for it.
  • One needs to take full responsibility for everything happening in their life. Everything “outside” is the reflection of my inner life.

What bothers me is my problem.

  • A negative mental pattern can be recognized easily – it brings about an unpleasant feeling. Even though it is very small, it is still my negative mental pattern.

  •  It is not about words, but about an emotional charge – a feeling.     

  • It does not matter what you do, but how you feel about it.

  • We create our own life and destiny.

  • Everything we experience we first created in our head.

Everything that makes my life unpleasant now has a logical origin at a point in time.

  • You live what you believe.
  • It is the way you think/know it is.
One of the definitions of insanity is: I keep doing the same things over and over again and expect different results.
  1. Feelings arise after a thought.
  2. Unpleasant feelings arise after a thought.
  3. Physical feelings arise after a thought.
  4. When I argue with someone, I actually argue with my bad feelings.

Let us love our close ones enough to let them live the consequences of their own decisions.

  • There are no hereditary diseases, only hereditary thoughts.

  • It is not the one having everything that is the happiest, but the one who needs nothing.

  • I cannot reach my goal unless I know what I want.

  • The RUŠ Method is not something that will change your life. Thanks to it, you yourself can change your life exactly the way you want.

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