Interesting Information

  • The first course of the RUŠ Method was held in June 2007 and 7 graduates participated.
  • In total, 3 303 people participated in the RUŠ Method Courses (as of 13 July 2019), 2418 women and 885 men.
  • In 2015, there were in total 27 courses, out of this twelve R1 courses, six R2 courses, four R3 courses, two T1 courses, two T2 courses, and one T3 course (the very first one in the world). Sixteen courses were held in Zviretice and eleven in Kouty. This was accompanied by 7 lectures, one RUŠ Tasting, and three Friendly Meetings.

Our age

  • The youngest graduate of a RUŠ 1 course was Barborka, who participated in the course together with her parents in September 2011 at the age of nine. The youngest man is Tomas. He attended the course with his mummy in April 2013 at the age of ten.
  • There were 46 participants over 60 years of age, one woman – Mrs Blanka graduated from the course at the beautiful age of 74 years.

    Mr. Tomas follows closely behind her, at the time of the R1 course he was 73 years old.

Where we are from

Most participants are from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which means Czechs and Slovaks. However, many live in another country, most of them in Germany, Austria and several in the UK and USA. So far, we have one certified therapist in Spain (Catalonia).


September 2011 saw a breakthrough in the training system. We switched from two seven-day courses to three five-day courses. In total 1,563 people attended these new five-day courses (as of 1 March 2016).

2013 saw another change to the training system of therapists. To qualify, a therapist must now attend five courses. During the three five-day basic courses, the attendees learn to use the RUŠ Method for their own needs, and they gradually resolve all the areas of their life. Then, they should be able to help themselves in unpleasant situations and problems – if any occur in their life.

Therapeutic procedures are taught in the following therapeutic courses. There are two of them and the training is concluded by a certification exam. The therapeutic certificate has a year-long validity. Then the therapists renew their qualification in a special course.

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