The book about the RUŠ Method

The book by the author of the method Karel Nejedly entitled The RUŠ Method or IT IS NOT MY CASE
was published on 25 June 2014 in the amount of 3,000 copies and was sold out until Christmas. In late April 2015, the second amended and extended edition in the amount of 4,000 copies was published. In August 2018, 15 000 copies are sold and we are working on the fourth amended edition. Together with it, a simplified pdf version will be released.

The book has been translated into English and German. Both language versions will be published in 2019.
Currently, the third amended and extended version is available with 424 pages, hardback, offset paper, A5  format, ISBN 978-80-260-8965-0.  
The price is 398,- Kč.

In this book you will learn how the world works, what are the principles according to which we create both pleasant and unpleasant things in our life, in our personal space. People keep searching for a miraculous pill for various problems. You do not have to search any more. The reality is much simpler. It is us who create our problems. Yes, we ourselves personally, even though we mostly do not have any idea.

And then we will take a look at how you can remove the unpleasant, already created things, so that you can experience only the pleasant ones. Everything in a logical, transparent, straightforward, and factual manner with clear and undeniable results.

This book does not say how you should behave. This book gives a factual explanation of how to find particular negative convictions in one´s mind and remove them permanently. 
The book consists of several parts. A general description of how our minds work, where the unpleasant feelings come from, how the negative mental patterns emerge and how they can be recognized. A practical part with a procedure to resolve a relationship and a problem follows. It is a well-structured, detailed, and step-by-step approach. There is a chapter with frequent questions, answered by Karel. As a bonus, there is a description of the technique called "Fulfilment of Dreams" as well as an opinion of a physician, a psychologist, and a psychiatrist. The whole book contains clients’ stories and practical examples to help you gain a better understanding of what the author tries to convey to you. And if you know Karel in person, you can guess that jokes, which are an inherent part of his personality, cannot be missing either.

Illustrated by Jan Haring. 

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