Lenka Triščíková

Lenka Triščíková

Map Business address
Jazmínová 2, Košice
Map Other places of contact
Momentálne len, On-line
Telephone E-mail
+421 902 256 882 lenkatriscikova@milujzivot.sk
Website Price per therapy
milujzivot.sk 120€, On-line: 80€
Languages in which therapy is offered
Czech, Slovak

‘What benefits has the RUŠ Method brought me personally

An ideal happy life. I live the life I want to live and I have the inner freedom to choose anything that is close to my heart. I create my life by myself, recognize the strength of myself, start to understand situations that happen to me in my life and I am really happy. I'm no longer the victim of any situation, but the creator of my life.

What are my results with clients

The results are always positive. After a couple hours/days the problem is solved and one leaves with consciousness, that the "problem" with which he came to me, as if it did not ever exist. Someone feels more relief and more changes in life and someone less. It depends mainly on the internal decision of my clients where they want to move and how they are willing to cooperate. The greater the commitment, the better the results and vice versa. I try to make the person who comes to me really determined to change his current state, understand that he is the creator of his life and not the victim of the situation that is happening. If a person is really determined, it doesn't matter what the circumstances are

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