Ján Poctavek

Ján Poctavek

Map Business address
Šulekova 10, Bratislava
Telephone E-mail
+421 904 539 073 kontakt@janpoctavek.sk
Website Price per therapy
https://www.janpoctavek.sk 35e / hod.
Languages in which therapy is offered
English, Czech, Slovak

Why do I use the RUŠ Method? (why has it become the method of my choice)

I've examined various therapeutic methods and the RUŠ method is the most effective one. It leads directly to the cause of the problem and the effect is fast and permanent. It is amazing to observe, how in time of a few hours people can change, brighten up, become younger and the heaviness of life, which they often carried their whole life, falls off completely.

‘What benefits has the RUŠ Method brought me personally

RUŠ method and generally self-improvement has given me satisfaction in life, the state of mind of not being afraid of change, even welcome the change as something positive. And it has also given me the ability to achieve and get anything I want.

Other information

If you have decided to live a happy life, I am your go-to person.

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